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A Country Kitchen Extension With The Wow Factor

These are the words of Helen Howard, who lives in Fifield along with husband Robin.

The couple decided to ‘square off’ the back of the house to enable them to eat in the kitchen, and utilise the utility room better. The process began with the plans from the architect, who then recommended KBS for the kitchen.

“We didn’t look anywhere else,” says Helen, “as they came so highly recommended.”

And now that the work is completed, Helen can echo these sentiments whole-heartedly.

“KBS helped us plan really easily, adapting our original suggestions with ease. They then put in a new kitchen, utilising some of our old one to re-lay out the utility room as well. We also re-used our existing oven and microwave, and completed the look with new fridge freezer and induction hob.

“At the last minute, we also decided to add in two gas burner rings, as we live in the country and are very prone to power cuts. In retrospect, that was a good move and much better than our original plans.”

However, as well as being delighted with the overall look, Helen is thrilled with the attention to detail and level of service.

“We have mock beams, and it would have been so easy to cut corners (literally) at this stage,” she says. “However, the fitter was incredible, moulding each piece to fit, literally hand crafting. We couldn’t be more delighted.”

And to cap it all – the dove grey units now really set off the paint colour of the kitchen to great effect too.

“It stands out so much more now,” says Helen. “People walk in and go ‘wow’ – not realising it’s the same as before! It just goes to show what a new layout, new units and an influx of light from the French windows can do. And I’m delighted I no longer have to stand up to eat my breakfast too!”

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