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The Quooker Boiling Tap – the Must Have for Any Kitchen

Reaching boiling point can sometimes be a good thing – especially when you fancy a cuppa! But how about taking things one step further by considering a Quooker boiling tap – the must-have for any modern kitchen.

The tap began making an appearance in kitchens around 20-25 years ago, and its popularity has risen as people have cottoned on not only to its tea-making properties, but its convenience and safety aspects too.

The Quooker eliminates the need for a kettle, and provides perfect boiling water at 100°C, literally on tap as it’s needed. This not only frees up worksurface space, but time too. How many minutes of your life have you spent literally waiting for the kettle to boil? So let’s consider the uses:

• Fantastic for blanching tomatoes, or any fruit where you need to remove the skin quickly
• Wonderful for sterilising baby bottles, feeding apparatus or general cleaning purposes
• Cooking quickly – anything that needs to come to a boil fast, or cooked quickly – like spaghetti.
• It’s also water-saving. You may often overfill the kettle, but you’ll never waste a drop with a Quooker!

Many of our designs now feature these fantastic, clever items. In fact, one of our designers Sue Birch, swears by hers. And it’s always great when you know that what we recommend, we use ourselves. And besides, it gives Sue all those precious extra minutes to spend perfecting her work for our lovely clients!


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