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New Technology Brings Clean Air Into Your Home

Technology is transforming how we live and work in our kitchens and this latest innovation from Elica is one of our favourites in the showroom. Snap is an air quality balancer, designed to monitor and extract air from your home.

This extremely clever device works automatically and only when necessary to remove odours, pollutants and excess vapours. It works in conjunction with your cooker hood and has five operational modes, including a holiday mode for whilst you are away from home.

The sleek device is wall mounted onto an external wall and controlled via a remote control unit or an App. The App includes some clever features that can analyse the quality of your air in real time and then allow you to program the necessary actions, wherever you may be.

It has its own built in intelligence so that it can monitor and improve the quality of the air in your indoor environment automatically by calibrating the device according to your needs and expectations. You can install more than one device and they can all be controlled together or independently via a group setting accessed via the App, bringing you optimum air quality in any room in the home, your living room or even your office.

Some of our staff are using Snap in their homes and loving how it works. Why not call in have a chat with them about how it could work for you, in the meantime take a look at this video.


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