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Alexa Voice Control for Underfloor Heating

We are great fans of new technology here at K&B Studios, we love how innovation can make living and working in your kitchen so much easier, and this voice control for underfloor heating is the latest gadget we have added to the showroom.

It is so clever and easy to use, we are sure it is going to be very popular with our customers. You need a Wi-Fi thermostat to make it work, these can be retro fitted if you already have underfloor heating and an existing thermostat that is not Wi-Fi enabled.

All you need to do is simply enable the smart life skill in the Alexa app, login with your phone number and password. At which point Alexa should look for and find all of your Wi-Fi thermostats. It is a simple as saying “Alexa, turn on thermostat”.

If you have multiple thermostats you can even specify which one you want to control. Simply say “Alexa, turn ‘your_thermostats_name’ on/up/down”.

We have a working demonstration unit on display so call in soon and find out more.


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