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What to Look for in a Contemporary Kitchen

The contemporary kitchen has been the most popular choice for those investing in a new kitchen for many years now – but what does contemporary mean to you? Is it stark, modern, minimalist and geometric or is it colourful bright and zingy?

Whilst the characteristics of smooth sleek lines will remain consistent, a contemporary kitchen can take many different forms.

We offer a wide range of beautiful kitchens with the styling you would expect, such as horizontal lines, asymmetry and a lack of fussy detail but with a wealth of choice when it comes to colours, finishes and textures.

White gloss remains a firm favourite and is perfect for the minimalist architectural look. On the one hand you can choose to go handleless and par everything down for a super clean look or add splashes of bright colour to the white backdrop. Colour can be added with glass splashbacks or even worktops. Adding glass is a great choice for a contemporary kitchen, glazed doors to wall cupboards can also add light and interest.

Colours in a modern kitchen tend to be muted, pale and natural. Grey is very much on trend this year with a range of shades that blend well together. We often design kitchens with more than one main colour, either blending different shades or selecting complementary colours and finishes.

Modern wood grain finishes are also very popular and it can work really well when these are matched with a neutral gloss, such as Latte, Pumice or Mussel. Texture can be added via natural materials such as wood or concrete or with a manmade alternative, that looks and feels like the real thing.

Worktops are slim and sexy in a contemporary kitchen. It is possible to select a worktop where there is virtually no visible or tangible transition between the sink and the worktop. They can be matched to doors so that islands can be designed in the same finish, an architectural look.

Finally when it comes to appliances, sleek induction hobs and hidden or designer extractors help maintain the clean lines of a modern kitchen.

Take a look at some of the contemporary kitchens we have designed in our case study pages, or better still call in and see us soon.


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