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Top Tips for Kitchen Trends In 2020

From grey to blue
For a long time, the colour of the moment in kitchens has been grey but this is set to change with blue taking centre stage. Blue is a great colour for kitchens as it is a calming and restful colour. All shades are possible in the kitchen from a light sky blue to dark indigo. With Pantone choosing classic blue as its Colour of the Year 2020, whatever your preference there is plenty of choice.

Dark blue can be modern or classic, with a smooth satin lacquered Velvet Blue door or a painted shaker in Indigo Blue. Lighter blues can be bold and bright, the Mackintosh painted Turquoise with Heather finish is a stunning combination that created a lot of attention when it was launched.

Colour combinations will continue to be popular in 2020. Another hit from Mackintosh last year was the striking Blush and Slate combination. For those with a more conservative taste, matching an oak finish with a colour works well, as does two shades of the same colour.

Choosing a darker base cabinet and lighter wall cabinet that matches the colour of the wall behind will make a room feel bigger.

Adding splashes of metallic with handles, taps or even splashbacks can change the look of a design. Brass, gold and copper will add warmth as well as a touch of glamour. Steel, nickel or pewter can create a more industrial look.

If you want to go further, there are some beautiful metal lacquered doors available in bronze, gold or titanium. These can be used on an island or a feature wall for dramatic effect.

The connected home
Innovation in kitchen technology continues. What was once seen as geeky is now becoming more commonplace. With the Siemens Home Connect app, for example, you can now monitor, control and communicate with your Siemens Home Appliances, from anywhere, at any time.

Siemens’ iSensoric technology is another example. This technology is made up of innovative sensors and intelligent software that enables your home appliances to do the thinking. From telling your washing machine how much detergent it needs, to regulating the temperature in your fridge.

The next few years will see these products become much more common place, it won’t be long before you will manage your groceries and plan your shopping and meals, all from your phone. You can already book service calls and purchase accessories via the Wi-Fi.

With so many exciting developments ahead, there has never been a better time to plan your dream kitchen. Make an appointment to call in soon – we look forward to seeing you.


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