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Top Tips for Kitchen Trends in 2018

We are looking forward to another exciting year for kitchen designs with new colours, textures and styles and additional range content to serve the continuing trend for living kitchens.

We expect to see some glamour next year with shimmering metallics such as copper leading the way. It will be introduced in the detail, the luxurious finish to a handle, a wall tile or a stunning light fitting.

Grey will continue to be a key colour, with darker shades growing in popularity, with blue and green also becoming popular colours. Violet has been selected as the Pantone colour of the year for 2018, which is a good match for grey, so expect this to be introduced as splashes of colour, maybe in a glass splashback.

Mixing and matching more than one colour will remain a trend. These can be complementary or contrasting colours. This could be seen with base cabinets in one colour and the wall units in a different colour, or an island that takes on a different colour scheme.

The urban/industrial look is growing in strength with concrete and mineral finishes a popular choice. Details such as exposed brick, pipes, rustic metals and minimalist furniture, can be paired with these finishes, evoking the feel of factory spaces but a softer version that looks equally at home within our domestic environment.

We are likely to see the trend for concealment in the kitchen grow next year. Whereas before big bold appliances were on display, they are now being hidden away behind sliding doors. Likewise a multitude of smaller appliances, such as mixers and coffee machines are also being stored behind closed doors.

Increasingly, each kitchen we design has its own look. Adding statement pieces or iconic pieces of furniture to personalise a design will be more common in 2018.

If you have promised yourself your dream kitchen in 2018 then make an appointment to call in soon – we look forward to seeing you.


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