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Slide and Hide Ovens – Get Closer to your Cooking

Kitchens are often a combination of functional and fun and this fantastic Slide & Hide oven from Neff fits the bill perfectly.

If you’re a fan of The Great British Bake Off (GBBO), then you’ll have seen them already (and no doubt you’ll be coveting one), as there’s simply not a bad word to be said about them.

The Slide&Hide® disappearing oven door is unique to NEFF – the only fully-retractable oven door on the market and to be honest – it’s one of those brilliant ideas that makes us wonder ‘why didn’t someone do this before’?!

It’s a fantastically safe way to get close to the contents of your oven, without risking being burned. On other models – there’s always a risk of the door closing onto your arm (if it’s a side-closing door). Or alternatively, if it’s a top-opening door, sometimes it’s hard to even reach the items inside, as it creates a physical barrier between you. We reckon this oven is one of the most exciting innovations for years in terms of safety and practicality as you can baste, taste and monitor food easily during the cooking process.

Other benefits include the fact it’s a great space-saving solution in smaller kitchens, whilst offering a fantastic 67 litre capacity.

If you’re looking for a new oven, then call in and let us tell you more, we look forward to meeting you soon.


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