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Is the Kitchen of the Future Really Here?

There is much media interest in the kitchen of the future and high tech appliances that will know how to cook your food and fridges that will shop for food when you need to replace it.

Whilst there are technological advances that are impressive, how much of this innovation is already with us and will it really make our lives easier?

Many appliances are now working smarter, giving you more control and providing energy efficiency but the true kitchen of the future will be based around connectivity and apps that allow you to talk to your appliances when you are away from home and for them to talk to each other.

This technology is here already with connected Siemens appliances, intelligent software and the intuitive Home Connect App. These appliances open up completely new possibilities to make everyday life more efficient, allowing you to spend more time on the things you love.

The following Siemens appliances were recently featured in The Sunday Times magazine, take a look and start planning your kitchen of the future:

1. The morning brew
The iQ700 automatic bean-to-cup Coffee Centre starts brewing while you’re in bed, thanks to its app connectivity. It also packs variable heating for different blends and an intelligent grinder and automatic steam cleaning after every beverage.

2. Cooking up a storm
The iQ700, a multifunction oven with microwave, is already pre-heated when you arrive home as you asked it to do so via the app. Sensors for roasting and baking – and easier cleaning – make light work of dinner.

3. Pristine plates
The Wi-Fi enabled iQ700 dishwasher packs Zeolith technology for shinier dishes and greater energy efficiency, and will solve household tiffs before they start with flexible loading options – you cannot stack it the wrong way.

4. The heat is on
Slaving over a hot stove is a thing of the past. The iQ700 induction hob has sensors for perfect frying. Its cooking zones adapt to pots of different sizes and the TFT-Touch display makes the operation of all the hob’s functions intuitive.

5. A peek in the fridge
Food does not go to waste in the smart kitchen. The iQ500 fridge contains cameras that take pictures of its contents every time you close the door. You can then view these images in the Home Connect app wherever you are.

6. Smarter clothes care
The iQ700 washing machine gently and effectively targets stains – and can be remotely controlled via the Home Connect app or Alexa, letting you get a load of
washing done before you even get home.

7. … And drying, too
Using the Home Connect app, you can start drying clothes even while you’re sitting on the couch watching TV. The iQ700 dryer with iSensoric technology also means shorter times, more energy efficiency and consistent drying.

If the above has given you a taste for the kitchen of tomorrow why not call into our showroom and take a look at some of the appliance we have on display.


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