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How to Make Light Work of Christmas in the Kitchen

Preparing Christmas dinner and hosting guests will always be a stressful event but there are ways to make it easier on yourself. Whether you’re cooking for a few, or the masses, a self-cleaning oven will be the best treat you can ever give yourself.

Introducing, the Miele H2566BP Oven
We’ve had a host of customers raving about this beautiful invention – and for good reason! It has a super specification- It’s got a 7 segment display with rotary selector and EasyControl. There’s a huge amount of room and versatility – perfect for the biggest of turkeys.

Outside, the oven benefits from CleanSteel – meaning fewer fingerprints.
And inside …. It’s self-cleaning!

The Miele H566BP uses a method called pyrolytic cleaning – meaning it incorporates high temperatures to burn off any accumulated grease and spills. This is then reduced to ash, which can be wiped up easily with a moist cloth. It takes seconds to return your oven to pristine condition. What could be easier?
For customers looking to purchase, it’s also currently supplied with an accessory set worth over £200.
If we’ve whetted your appetite for making the kitchen an easier place to be, you may also like to consider some of the following options too….

Instant Boiling Taps
We have a range of hot taps available that can provide 100-degree, instantly-available boiling water. With this facility, it’s easy to do anything from:
Blanche vegetables
Create gravies and sauces
Thaw frozen food and warm ice cream scoops
Re-hydrate dried food
Clean fruit and vegetables

And from a household perspective, why not use it to do the washing up, or maybe removing labels from containers for recycling or just fill your hot water bottle at the end of a tiring day!

Warming Drawers
Remember the days of the Hostess Trolley? The idea was always a good one, but now it’s moved on in the form of a warming drawer – ideal for warming plates or keeping food at the correct temperature.

Siemens have an excellent example that can accommodate up to 40 plates, with adjustable temperature controls. Perfect for most families we can think of!

Waste Disposal
If you don’t fancy the hassle of dealing with food waste at the end of a busy meal, then why not consider a waste disposal as a practical and environmentally-responsible answer?

Fitted discreetly under the sink, the food is ground into tiny waste particles which are then flushed away into the drain and on to the local waste treatment system or a septic tank. It couldn’t be easier, safer or more convenient. No more smelly bins to empty either!

We hope you enjoy these tips for a stress free Christmas- but remember we can help you enjoy your kitchen at any time of the year- call in and speak with one of our talented designers soon- we look forward to seeing you.


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