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How to Choose a Worktop

Choosing the right worktop for your kitchen can be a challenge with so many options available. We find that considering what you want the worktop to achieve in terms of durability and maintenance is a good starting point along with the look you want to achieve.

If your vision is for a traditional country kitchen then it is likely that a timber worktop would be the best option. At the other end of the scale if your dream is for a modern seamless design then a natural or manmade composite is more likely to be the best solution.

Cost is a factor with some alternatives costing less but there is flexibility on price within the high end alternatives depending on the colour and thickness selected.

In our showroom we sell more quartz worktops than anything else. Quartz is a durable surface which is a mixture of granite and resin. It is very hard wearing and a popular alternative to natural stone or other composite products.
A vast range of colours and finishes are available including less glossy alternatives to most granite finishes and it can come with a rippled or textured finish.

Corian is also very popular and like quartz is available in a variety of colours. Corian is seamless and can flow smoothly into sinks and upstands. Like quartz it is durable and low maintenance, being easily cleaned with a soft cloth and mild detergent. The white and cream colours are the most affordable.

Dekton is the most expensive worktop that we sell. This is a beautiful material that can withstand anything in the kitchen. It is a highly-polished surface that looks almost like glass when in-situ. It’s available in a range of colours with a matt or gloss finish. Some of the finishes work well if you are looking for an industrial or urban look. Trilium for example is composed of a mix of volcanic shades of grey, brown and deep black to create a rusted effect that is unexpectedly smooth to the touch.

A timber worktop requires more maintenance than all of the above as it will require regular oiling to keep it looking good. We do offer a treated timber worktop, Spekva which is pre-treated and only requires oiling once a year. There is plenty of choice in terms of woods from a light Ash to a dark Wenge. Adding some timber to a design can add warmth and interest, so we often use it on an island or dresser.

A laminate worktop is the most cost effective and some of them are very good copies of more expensive alternatives. You will not achieve the same quality and durability because of the materials they are made from and the way they are joined and fitted on site.

Our advice is to always go for the best you can afford. Your worktop takes the brunt of the activity in your kitchen and you’re going to be interacting with it multiple times a day, so it’s important to choose a style that will suit your lifestyle.

We have lots of different materials on display in the showroom – why not call in and take a look? We look forward to seeing you soon.


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