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Heather and Claire get cooking with the Siemens induction hob

Our showroom includes a number of working appliances, as we find the best way to demonstrate the benefits of our products is for customers to see them in action.

We wanted to share how fabulous the Siemens induction hob with integrated ventilation system is, so we tapped into our MasterChef skills and made a short film.

Claire and Heather take on the challenge of creating a dish of haloumi, tomatoes and pesto with a balsamic glaze, whilst demonstrating a few key benefits.

Whilst cooking up a storm they show how well the flex induction works by illustrating how only the area beneath the pan gets hot, with the remainder of the hob remaining cool to the touch. The also demonstrated how well the integrated ventilation dealt with the steam and fumes generated, drawing it down and away for the kitchen to be re-circulated.

“We may not be ready for MasterChef yet,” says designer Claire, “but we hope we have demonstrated the key benefits of this fantastic Siemens product.”

Watch the film here


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