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Everything you Wanted to Know About a Boiling Water Tap

We are big fans of the boiling water tap here at K&B Studios and customers that choose to have them in their new kitchens are always delighted. We sell Quooker taps in our showroom and whilst they have been around since the 70’s, we find that for some, they are considered a new technology and they are not fully understood.

You can have them retro fitted in your kitchen too, so if you have been thinking about one but want to know more, here is our quick guide.

  • The first fast boiling water tap to be launched was the Quooker Basic in 1992.
  • Quooker is the only company to provide ‘true boiling water’, at 100 degrees.
  • Quooker taps feature a push-and-turn handle for safety and the Fusion model has a double push-and-turn system to prevent accidental activation of the boiling water function.
  • The Quooker tap dispenses boiling water in a steady flow in a spray format. The aerated delivery allows you to pass a hand through the flow without scalding yourself.
  • A boiling water tap is a space saving option as the space normally occupied by a kettle can be freed up for other uses. Also the tank required under the worktop is compact, taking up little room in the kitchen cupboard.
  • A boiling water tap is versatile and can be used for much more than making hot drinks. You can blanch vegetables, cook pasta, heat up a bottle of milk for a baby, rinse dirty dishes or pre heat dinner plates with your Quooker.
  • It is easier to be economical with the hot water you use, when it comes from a tap, rather than boiling a kettle.

We have several Quooker display taps and a working Flex with a filter model in the showroom. We also have the lovely soap dispenser on display. Why not call in soon and we can answer any questions you may have.

We look forward to seeing you.


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