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Endless Design Possibilities with Glass

Glass is an ideal material to use in the kitchen as it is so robust and hygienic and there is now a wealth of choice when it comes to finishes, patterns and colours, thanks to modern technology.

We are increasingly including glass splashbacks in our kitchen designs. They make a fantastic special feature that adds interest and customers love them as they are so easy to clean.

A toughened glass panel is perfect behind a cooker or hob as they are heat resistant to cooking temperatures and any spills and splatters are easily wiped clean but glass can also work well behind a sink. As the glass is a complete panel there is no grout or joints to deal with so that mould and mildew is never a problem.

A glass panel can be bespoke, cut to size and digitally printed with any pattern or print, providing endless opportunities. A coloured splashback can usually be selected from a palette of colours, everything from subtle shades to bright reds and greens. It is possible to use a neutral glass splashback to complement a brightly coloured kitchen, or a bold colour to add a splash of colour in a pale colour scheme. Any colour can usually be matched and it is even possible to add a touch of sparkle.

Printed glass panels can transform a kitchen, adding personal works of art or favourite landscapes to a room. Anything from wraparound cityscapes to trompe l’oeil prints of brick, stone or wood, the options are limitless. When personal photographs or pictures are used the kitchen becomes truly unique and individual.

Metallics are popular in kitchens right now and glass is an ideal way to add shimmer. Gold, silver or copper tones will add a touch of luxury and they work well with gloss cabinets.

Adding mirrored glass will not only look glamorous but can make a room appear larger and lighter. Mirrored glass panels are not suitable behind hobs as they tend to be safety backed rather than toughened so are more usually seen behind worktops.

We have a wonderful cobweb design on display in the showroom. This fabulous glass incorporates gold slivers with black for a touch of glamour.

Whatever style of kitchen you are planning, there is a glass panel that is just right for you. Why not call into the showroom, we can guide you through the options and you can see the selection we have on display.


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