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Dishwasher Trivia

As we are running a FREE dishwasher promotion we thought it would be fun to share these dishwasher facts from Neff

• 54 billion bacteria cells
A study found just a sugar-cube sized piece of kitchen sponge contains 54 billion bacteria cells. Remove the need for a sponge on your countertop and let the dishwasher take over.

• Hotter than the Sahara Desert
Selected dishwasher cycles use water as hot as 70 degrees that your hands can’t tolerate. Such high temperatures make light of tough baked-on stains and helps to kill bacteria.

• Save water, save money, save the planet
NEFF Dishwashers do not completely fill up with water. In fact, they are so efficient they can use as little as 6.5 litres for an entire cycle.

• Quicker than you think
Not all dishwasher programmes are between two and four hours long. NEFF appliances include a range of quicker programmes to fit in with your needs.
Quick 45 and 1 hr programmes, and VarioSpeed Plus option which can shorten a programme by up to 66%.

• Clean and dry
Modern dishwashers are capable of drying as well as cleaning your dishes. Zeolith technology is a naturally occurring energy efficient method of adding warm air to the dishwasher to perfectly dry the load.

So there you are – five fun facts you may not have known about dishwashers. We offer a large selection of both Neff and Siemens dishwashers so why not call in and take a look – don’t forget our FREE dishwasher offer runs until 31 December – more details here


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