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Cooking on Gas

Whilst induction hobs are top of the wish list for a lot of homeowners, for some, nothing beats cooking with gas.

If you are looking for a gas hob in your new kitchen then there is still plenty of innovation from manufacturers, to make cooking easier, more flexible and safer.

One of the new features we love from Neff is the FlameSelect® function. This clever option allows the cook to adapt the flame level to match any given dish.

With FlameSelect®, the gas flame adapts to the dish and not the other way around. Whether you’re searing a steak, boiling pasta, or simmering a roast, you can set the heat just as you would with an electric hob.

It’s really easy to use, you select one of the 9 levels and can see straight away how the flame becomes larger or smaller just as you need it.

Another brilliant feature is the residual heat indicator. This smart indicator will differentiate between ‘off’ and ‘cold’, which aren’t the same thing when it comes to residual heat. When you’ve turned off the hob, the residual hear indicator keeps watch for you. If the ‘H’ is shown, then you definitely don’t want to touch the cooking area. When the ‘H’ lights up, the gas hob tell you that it’s nearly finished cooling down and it’s time to reach for the dishcloth. No symbols at all? Fine! You can start cleaning the cold hob.

You can add these two features to lots of gas hobs, why not meet with one of our designers and find out more?


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