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Cooking Like a Pro at Home

If you have enjoyed watching the nation’s best home cooks being put through their paces on BBC One’s Britain’s Best Home Cook, then you may also have been inspired to do more cooking at home. Whilst you may not reach the standards to win a TV cookery competition, we can recommend some great ovens that will help you become the best cook you can in your own home.

Our range of Siemens ovens have a host of clever features that are just brilliant for keen cooks, providing a helping hand to help you cook like a pro.
CookControl Plus for example is like having a cookery book built into your oven. This innovative function allows you to select a dish, enter the weight and then the oven does the rest for perfect results.

If you are a baker you will love the 4D hot air and rack pull-out system. This system gives you total flexibility to choose which rack to put your bakes on. The sophisticated fan technology ensures an ideal heat distribution throughout the oven, delivering perfect bakes every time.

We also love the activeClean and automatic self-cleaning options. With these you don’t even need to worry about cleaning the oven afterwards. All it takes is the press of a button, and your oven cleans itself. In a process which is known as pyrolysis, the oven is heated to a very high temperature that causes the food remnants inside to turn to ashes. You can then simply wipe out the oven. It is the most efficient way to clean the entire oven interior and leaves you free to enjoy your dishes with friends and family.

We have a wide selection of Siemens ovens on display in the showroom, call in soon and maybe you can start thinking about that application form for the next series!


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