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Coming Soon Induction Hobs with built In Extractors

Whilst there are many glamorous options for extractors, sometimes it would be preferable to not have to have a cooker hood at all. Thanks to new technology from manufacturers this is now possible.

The new Miele TwoInOne Induction Hob with Integrated Extractor is a very clever product that combines sleek design with effortless practicality. It can be integrated into various work surfaces, resulting in a clean and streamlined finish.

It is ideal in an open plan kitchen as the downdraft technology means that the vapours are drawn downwards rather than upwards and the unit is hidden in the kitchen cabinet below. It is also a brilliant solution for islands and open plan kitchens with glazed ceilings, beams or extra high ceiling heights.

Downdraft extractors are not new and are very popular in kitchens featuring a hob on the island, but in this instance you are fitting two appliances in the island worktop, breaking up the surface and introducing an increased number of danger areas for the build-up of dirt. With the TwoInOne the combination of the downdraft extractor and hob in one solves these problems and a sleeker aesthetic is created.

As if that was not enough, it is also easy to clean and install. The 10-ply stainless-steel grease filter is housed in an exclusive filter box and can be removed easily and placed into a dishwasher for convenient cleaning. Miele’s CleanCover is located behind the grease filters and provides a smooth lining which is also easy to clean.

Elica offer a similar product, the NikolaTesla which works in the same way to deliver high cooking performance and, at the same time, improve air quality and comfort in the kitchen.

We will have the Nikola Tesla on display in the showroom very soon and can’t wait to demonstrate it – watch this space.


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