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Bring Some Colour to your Kitchen

Over the last 20 years, kitchens have undergone a revolution in their usage. Whereas they were purely functional spaces back in the 70s, so much more is now expected.

Firstly, kitchens have become bigger. People use them for different purposes; sofas came in, TVs were installed, along with more and more inventive storage. And now, we find the kitchen is the hub of most homes, for eating, living, homework and socialising.

And depending on what you want from your kitchen, the colour should reflect how you live.
If you’re minimalist and sophisticated, then white (or off white), will surely comprise the majority of your room. Nothing says tranquil, peaceful and uncluttered like a clean, neutral, expansive backdrop.

However, if you love the feel of minimal, but can’t quite bring yourself to paint the whole room in one neutral, then we’d suggest bringing in a splash of colour via the units, worktops or the accessories in the room.
Nordic colour schemes are also very popular right now – think duck egg blue, muted earthy colours, creams and natural woods.

As a quick reference point – colour specialists advise the colours below have the following attributes:
Red – for energy, fire, warmth
Yellow – welcoming, friendly, warm
White – sophisticated, clean
Blue – fresh, colder tones
Grey – industrial, chic, sophisticated
Green – harmony, balance, positivity
Violet – spiritual, warm, luxury

Whatever your choice, we are always happy to make suggestions and advise on the latest products on the market to help put your scheme together – call in and see us soon.


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