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Beautiful Storage for the Bedroom

When planning your bedroom, before you even install any furniture, it’s always best to decide what you want your bedroom to ‘be’. Obviously it’s a room to sleep in but will you be demanding more from it? For example, do you need a retreat – somewhere just to think and relax, with no distracting colours or pieces of furniture? Or alternatively, is this new makeover going to be the excuse to go glamorous, and indulge your inner fairy princess or Hollywood movie star?

Whatever you decide, we’d always advise that you take into account practical considerations too. If you have a partner, their tastes will count, so don’t go indulging your whims if it’s something they will ultimately hate. You may find the bedroom becomes more a source of friction than relaxation! At KBS we’re very good at helping people find a happy medium, without compromising on things that are really important to them. We’d also advise not spending a fortune on a passing whim, so really look at your needs and tastes – ask yourself if you’ll still be loving the new look in 5 years’ time?

But back to that relaxing, tranquil space where you can literally clear your mind – that’s never going to go out of fashion! After all – who doesn’t love to relax? There’s a huge choice of products on offer that would fit this bill – including this traditional ivory bedroom in the NICOLE collection. With simple Shaker units, this is a timeless design with character and style.

For anyone craving a bit more glamour, but still keeping it simple – we’d suggest the OLIVIA range. With white gloss surfaces that beautifully reflect the light, this is contemporary glamour at its best. Of course, this is just a couple of suggestions to whet the appetite – there’s so much more to see. Pop in and see us with a list of your dreams, and we’ll set about making them come true!


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