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Beautiful Luxury Worktops – New Dekton Colours

There’s a brand-new selection of colours available from top-of-the-range worktop material Dekton and we are delighted to have it on display in the showroom.

Dekton is the most beautiful, highly-polished surface that looks almost like glass when in-situ. Developed by top brand Cosentino, Dekton has been years in the making, using a sophisticated blend of raw materials which are then compressed and polished to create the look.

It’s available in a range of colours with a matt or gloss finish and the collections are grouped into Wild, Solid, Natural and Tech. It’s a wonderful way to add a touch of luxury to the kitchen, as well as the ‘wow’ factor.

We have Trilium on display in the showroom. This is inspired by industrialised and urban trends. It is composed of a mix of volcanic shades of grey, brown and deep black to create a rusted effect that is unexpectedly smooth to the touch. Its light to dark contrasting forms a somewhat metallic effect that gives the surface an extremely genuine appearance. With an edgy look perfect for trendy projects.

The use of Dekton is not confined to kitchens, it can be used in other rooms too – it really is that versatile. It can be cut to any size, so there are no limits to how it can be used.

If you’re looking for something original and beautiful for your next makeover, just pop in to our store and take a look.


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