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Aspire to Perfection – With a Sous Vide

Pronounced sue-veed, this aspirational kitchen kit has been the professional’s secret for years! It’s an incredibly simple process – you just time set a pot of water to ‘cook’ your food at the correct temperature and time, pop the food into the pan (in a sealed bag) and voilà! Perfection follows automatically.

The sous vide has slowly crept into our consciousness over the past few years, thanks to programmes like Master Chef, where timing and perfection are two of the ingredients that can lead to success.

But it’s not just in a competitive or high-pressure environment the sous vide comes into its own. If you like your steak ‘just so’, or you’re cooking something where an extra few seconds makes all the difference either way, then a sous vide is definitely worth considering.

For example:
If you love steak, you’ll know exactly how you like it. The texture, the colour, how moist it is. A sous vide allows this to happen every time, removing all stress from cooking.

What Can I Cook?
The answer is pretty much anything, from a perfect crème brûlée, through to steak or ribs.

The Science Bit:
When cooking traditionally, heat leaves the burner, and directs itself to a pan, then the food. With an oven, the interior elements heat up, glow and then the air around the food cooks it.

The temperature in the oven, or within the pan will be much hotter than is needed to cook the food, so there is always a risk of burning, or over-cooking. It has to be timed just right.

However, with the sous vide you are cooking with water, instead of a pan or oven. The temperature can be set to just what we need, so the food can be removed, or left to rest in the water until we’re ready to eat. It releases the cook from that element of anxiety – always having to check.

Ask us in store about the sous vide options we can supply. Of course, if you’re not in need of a sous vide right now, we have plenty of other fantastic appliances to enhance your cooking experience.


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