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A New Way of Cooking with Flexible Induction

If you love cooking and are looking for an appliance that can make cooking a pleasure and enhance your skills then look no further than the Siemens Flex Induction hob.

This is a must have in the kitchen of any serious cook that likes to entertain. It looks like any ordinary induction hob and has all the benefits you would expect such as, it heats up in almost no time, provides for exceptionally short cooking times and cools down quickly when switched off but there is so much more.

Because the pots and pans you use are as different as the dishes you cook, the Flex Induction allows you to flexibly adjust your cooktop to fit. You can choose to have two flexible induction zones or one flexible zone with two conventional cooking zones or a wider hob that incorporates three flexible zones.

In the flexible areas you can place cookware anywhere you like and the surface automatically detects the number, size and shape of the cookware on it.

As well as all of this you can also add accessories to open up an even wider range of cooking styles. A Japanese style Teppan Yaki grill plate, a ribbed griddle plate or a large oval multi roaster.

We have a working model on display in the showroom so call in soon and we can demonstrate just how fabulous they are!


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