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A Kitchen to Create in

If you are looking for products that will make your kitchen unique then look no further than these fabulous Creative Slim Hoods from NEFF.

The new Creative Slim Hood illuminates your space in ambient lighting and allows you to write your shopping list and attach your recipes and ingredients list with the use of magnets, giving you inspiration in the kitchen while also keeping your room free from steam and odours.

You can choose from 31 colours to suit any mood and cooking style, creating ambience in your kitchen for your friends and family to relax and have fun around the table.

Use changing moods, seasons, ingredients, guests, recipes, tastes, aromas: your kitchen is always changing. Whether oysters and champagne for two, or coq au vin with the in-laws, ambient light illuminates your kitchen in the light that suits the occasion best.

The writeable surface allows you to jot down flashes of inspiration, attach cuttings or postcards to the magnetic board, or use it as a shelf for your recipe books.

Why not talk to one of our designers about how to add creativity into your new kitchen?

We look forward to seeing you soon.


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